Hunter's Degree - a first step towards a new lifestyle


Skokloster Wings & Clay's hunter's exam training is based on a clear pedagogy where we have add-on solutions to give everyone the same opportunities to get well prepared for the test that takes place on the last course day.


If you have a shooting background, you may want to spend more time on pre-study of the theoretical parts, and if you are new to all parts, we give you opportunities for both theoretical and practical exercise before the course days. We can help you with an assessment of what you need to practice and book into our feasibility studies, but at the same time it is you who ultimately decide what you feel you need.

Course plan

You sign up here and choose the dates that suit you. We have packages of basic course and course literature, and then you get the course material sent to you for your own feasibility studies. You can also build on with shooting training packages for hail and bullet and accommodation in single or double rooms. At this time we can only receive payment on invoice but soon we will have several payment options available.


If you only want to learn more about the relationships in nature with no intention of becoming a hunter, you can also go the education without examination. The fee for the examination, which is performed by approved examiners, is in addition to the prices stated and paid on site to the examiners. That fee is currently about SEK 1,500.

Pre-study Theory


As we mentioned above, you will have the course literature sent to the address of your choice. We strongly recommend spending a few nights or a weekend going through the material and creating a knowledge base to be able to take the course better. Everyone goes into this with different knowledge base and study technology and therefore you get to know for yourself how much preliminary studies are needed. The theoretical examination is standardized and conducted with external examiners.

Pre-study Shotgun


We have fixed times on the hail course booked for hunter degree students. Our instructors help provide individual tips and advice to prepare you for the course days and the exam.


Pre-study Bullet and Shooting on a moving target

We have fixed pre-scheduled times for hunter degree students in our shooting cinema. In a shooting cinema, you shoot a shotgun with exercise ammunition at a 12x3 meter film screen with a bullet catch behind. The training provides very realistic practice opportunities, but is also indoors and weather independent in our shooting cinema at Arlandastad. You have one hour to complete the theory test, which consists of 70 multiple-choice questions where one is correct. To be approved you must have at least 60 correct. During your feasibility studies you have the opportunity to test your knowledge via the Swedish Jägareförbundets or Jägarnas Riksförbunds test pages:

Practical tests

Shotgun sample; Here you get a distance assessment and announce if the target is within shotgun for shotgun, shoot at stray clay pigeons and shoot at ground targets. Basic tests for ball guns include precision shooting with various supports on stationary targets. High-level test for bullet rifle is shot partly against stationary targets and on running moose figure of 80 meters. During the execution of the firing tests, great emphasis is placed on safe weapon handling. The exam result is your achievement. We will do everything we can to make you successful, but in the end, it is your preparation that is all about. When you succeed it is also your success and you have now passed the education which is the basic requirement to be able to obtain the equipment needed to become hunters. For many, it will be a gateway to a lifestyle and will provide many fun and scenic experiences in life. Together with your course literature, you get with the syllabus with information about times, place and what you need to think about.


Equipment for the course and the hunt


We have guns, hearing protectors, sliding glasses to lend to you. If you have and would rather have your own earmuffs and goggles, bring them or buy from us on site, but hearing protectors and goggles are mandatory equipment. You also need to be able to identify yourself and bring a passport photo for your Hunter Exam pass.


The photo must be taken in the near future and look like you do now. The foundation of our business is hunting and we have of course prepared packages in different "sizes" for our students. Our intention with these is that they should suit all tastes and wallets and that it should be the equipment that is basic and needed to make life in the forest enjoyable and the result predictable. Hunting equipment is available in a plethora of variants and we will be happy to assist you with the special equipment, but the packages contain things that we know from experience that you as a hunter will need. Our goal is to give you a good offer on what is really necessary. The folder with our offers is delivered together with the course literature.


17-19 April
8-10 May
5-7 Juni
26-28 Juli



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3 Maj
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